13 Weird And Wonderful Shows To Watch While We Wait For More Stranger Things
If you're like so many others out there, you have already binge-watched the entire first season of Netflix's must-watch horror thriller Stranger Things. While we wait for news on Season 2, here are 13 weird and awesome shows to catch up with.
New Supercut Contains Some Of The Most Provocative Moments In Movie History
The old adage is that "sex sells." If Game of Thrones ratings are anything to go by, there is certainly some truth to the statement. However, if you really want to turn heads and get people excited... for your movie, sometimes simply the suggestion is all you really need.
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10 TV Remakes That Miraculously Don't Suck
Every time a TV remake gets announced, it’s predictably met with groans and complaints that there are no new ideas anymore – despite the dozens of new ideas coming out every year – but we should always remember the remakes that have indeed gone right. Here are 10 of them.
10 Memorable Movie Jerks And The Nasty Fate They Deserved
Let’s hear it for all those actors and actresses who played totally jerks/a-holes/jackasses/blemishes on society — we can go on — to make the good guys be even more likable and to bringing us all together to hate on them.
Bill Paxton Channeled His Own Father For 2 Of His Sleaziest Roles
Bill Paxton has admitted that he drew inspiration for two of his sleaziest roles from his father, but he means it in a loving way. Honest.
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Weird Science Gets A Creepy Twist In New Parody Short Starring Breaking Bad's R.J. Mitte
While I still have a strange, unwanted taste in my mouth from hearing about the propose remake of John Hughes’ Weird Science, thanks to the above parody video from Funny or Die I can temporarily forget about it. This video brings to life any conversation that any film fan has had about Weird Science that lasts longer than three minutes.
Weird Science Is Getting A Remake
Even John Hughes films aren't immune to the remake treatment, it seems. As geekdom is practically revered in today's pop culture, it's really a wonder that Hughes' 1985 comedy Weird Science hasn't already been mined for a remake. Better late than never? Some would surely argue that point. "Leave it alone," thirty and forty-somethings will cry. But they may not be heard over the sound of the thudding hearts of those of us anxiously and optimistically hoping that maybe - just maybe - the remake all be good. Because maybe it will.
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FlixWorthy Breaks Bad And Buries Ryan Reynolds
Your guide to Netflix streaming is back, bringing you a handful of new or notable selections from Netflix's Instant Watch catalogue. This time we've got Breaking Bad, more coffee Johnny, Ryan Reynolds in a box, and naked pictures of Bea Arthur. Here's what's FlixWorthy this week, kids.
Encore Pays Tribute To John Hughes This Weekend
In light of the unfortunate death of filmmaker John Hughes, Encore has updated their Sunday night lineup to pay tribute to the man who left a huge mark on the film industry. Sunday, August 9th, Encore will air two of Hughes’ classic teen-centered films.
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