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Weekly Blend #154 - The Role Of A Critic

This week our discussion of movie and entertainment news winds up sparking an interesting discussion about the role of a critic. When is a critic doing their job, when are they just being flat out mean, and when are they too close to a movie to truly offer an unbiased opinion? Not all is serious, however, as we give Tim an excuse to recite Kevin Smith movie lines and get revenge on Margaret for all of those "take a shot" comments.

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Weekly Blend #147 - Now There's A Batman

The Dark Knight has arrived, blowing away box-office records and most of our expectations. Hear our individual takes on the latest Batman movie - both the good and the bad, as well as our thoughts on accusations of corpse licking in the case of Heath Ledger. Batman wasn't the only super-heroic tale worth viewing this week. We give you our thoughts on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the Watchmen trailer, and more!

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Video Podcast #3: The Dark Knight Isn't The Only Movie?

Here’s our weekly video edition, filled with clips, comments, and more on the movies you can expect to find in the theater this weekend, The Dark Knight, Mamma Mia!, and Space Chimp. Like what you see? Subscribe to the video cast feed to keep up to date with our video edition, video reviews, and whatever else we may come up with in the future.

Weekly Blend #146 - Phat Nerd Cash

In less than a week The Dark Knight will descend upon us all. Will it be the movie we're all looking forward to? We'll see soon enough. For this week, we talk about Hellboy, how other movies are expecting to compete with The Dark Knight, the awesomeness of Robert Downey Jr., projects from Joss Whedon we're looking forward to, Comic Con anticipations, and whether we would be interested in seeing Ellen Ripley fight Aliens again.

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Weekly Blend #140 - Please Stand By

As we announced last week, the show's running a little late this week. Unfortunately it's running even later than we planned. It almost didn't happen at all, as Margaret's arrival at Angry Cat Studios was followed quickly by a lightning storm. We manage to get our reviews in of Sex and the City and The Strangers before a brief interruption, then discuss the recent fire at Universal, whether Seth Rogen and James Franco really lit up at the MTV Movie Awards show, and more!

Show 140: Please Stand By - Direct Download (46:30 min 21.3 MB)

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