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Weekly Blend #159 - 33 Percent Less Snark

Usually one of us being sick is excuse enough to cancel the show. This week we just carry on, just with 33% less snark. Sometimes Tim and Rafe discuss geeky thoughts on Star Trek, smarts in professional wrestling, the loss of Terrence Howard for Iron Man 2, a broadway version of Once, and more!

Show 159 - 33% Less Snark - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)

Weekly Blend #123 - But I Backed HD DVD

Audiences missed 2008's first offering, One Missed Call, and the writer's strike is still going on, so instead the entertainment focus is on the latest development in the high definition war. We talk about Warner Brothers screwing over HD DVD buyers, I Am Legend, and Alan Moore as the full cast of our show reunites for the first podcast of the year.

Show 123: But I Backed HD DVD Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)

Weekly Blend #112 - This One's On The House

If we haven't offended you by the end of this episode, then you truly are a die-hard fan. We discuss the ever popular topic of racial boundaries in film and new suggestions of gender discrimination. For those who don't care for such hearty subjects, we give a massive Star Trek update, talk about Kevin Smith, and start a new Weekly Blend drinking game: take a drink any time we can't remember a name. You're guaranteed to be schnockered by the end of this episode!

Show 112: This One's On The House Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)

Weekly Blend Interviews Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols is best known for a decade-spanning career in Star Trek as communications officer Uhura. In the role she helped make television history with the first prime-time interracial kiss. Now Nichols is changing her career around with an appearance in the upcoming season of Heroes and a part as the head of a brothel in the independent film Lady Magdalene's. The amazing actress graced us with an interview where we were able to talk with the actress about her new roles and the enduring power of Trek. Listen as she sings, does her best impression of George Takei, and leaves no doubt about why Star Trek has survived and inspired generation after generation.

Special Edition: Nichelle Nichols Interview - Direct Download (25:00 min 11.45 MB)

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