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Weekly Blend #174 - Who Watches The Watchmen?

We're back after just about everything in the universe kept us from having a show last week (weather, illness, and baby?). We follow up on our Blair Witch Project debate with listener mail, review Watchmen, and return to giving our opinions on entertainment news, including the latest round of remakes which will target some of our childhood favorites.

Show 174 - Who Watches The Watchmen?- Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)

Weekly Blend #155 - Guest Starring Kevin Smith

A few weeks ago we brought you an early review of Zack and Miri Make a Porno. This week we bring you the man behind the movie. Filmmaker Kevin Smith sits down with us and talks about his upcoming film, other projects on the horizon, and then sits in as we do our regular thing, talking movies, geek fare, and the usual bunch of B.S. for a show so large, one hour couldn't contain it. Special Guest - Kevin Smith (Warning: This episode does contain a Kevin Smith level of profanity).

Show 155 - Guest Starring Kevin Smith - Direct Download (61:00 min 27.93 MB)

Weekly Blend #148 - Comic Con Wrap Up

We didn't wind up having time to run a show from San Diego during our adventures at Comic Con, so instead we're putting together a show mid-week. Rafe talks about the Comic Con experience, what was good and what fell flat, and pulls back the curtain on a few things behind the scenes while Margaret and Tim add their usual flair to the conversation.

Show 148 - Comic Con Wrap Up- Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)

Weekly Blend #147 - Now There's A Batman

The Dark Knight has arrived, blowing away box-office records and most of our expectations. Hear our individual takes on the latest Batman movie - both the good and the bad, as well as our thoughts on accusations of corpse licking in the case of Heath Ledger. Batman wasn't the only super-heroic tale worth viewing this week. We give you our thoughts on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the Watchmen trailer, and more!

Show 147 - Now There's a Batman- Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)

Weekly Blend #128 - Operators Are Standing By

February was a bad month for the Weekly Blend Audio Show, but we're back. Of course, after almost a month off we need your help to keep the bills paid, so we're having the first telethon for our podcast. That's right, we want you to pay to listen to us talk about New Line's new situation, a sequel to an '80s classic, and Margaret's never-ending Gerard Butler lust. We sing and dance too. Donate heavily brothers. Our operators are standing by.

Show 128: Operators Are Standing By - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)

Weekly Blend #127 - We're Definitely Maybe Back

We're back after our week of illness, but it appears the rest of the country has gotten sick, or at least crazy, as the best movie in theaters this week, Definitely, Maybe only comes in fifth place at the box office, behind Fool's Gold. At least we still have the end of the writer's strike to celebrate. Along with our reviews of this week's releases, we discuss how the end of the strike has impacted anticipated projects and how lawsuits are mucking other projects up.

Show 127: We're Definitely Maybe Back - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)

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