4. When Lawyers Have Their Way, Playland Goes Away
You probably have fond memories of trips with your parents to McDonalds, or Burger King, or Hardees, or whatever. It’s probably not the food you remember so much as the play area. Fast Food restaurants used to be mostly for children and as such they all had a playground. Those days are over. Most of the newer restaurants are built without them and as the old ones are being remodeled, a lot are taking them out. Your kids and mine will likely never have the fun of running wild in a McDonalds play area. Worse, as parents, it now means you have to try to keep them entertained yourself instead of sitting and quietly enjoying your Whopper Jr. while they hang from the monkey bars.

This might sound like a good thing to those of you who are childless, but it isn’t. It’s not like removing the play area will stop people from bringing their kids to McDonalds. It only means that now, instead of cordoning the little hooligans off behind a glass window where they can’t bother you, they’re running amok in the dining room as you attempt to scarf down your Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap. No winners here, except for a few McDonalds lawyers afraid of lawsuits from kids who fall off the Mayor McCheese Merry-Go-Round and crack open their heads.



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