digital soda machine
6. Digital Soda Machine Detention
It seems like such a good idea. Until recently, soda machines hadn’t changed much in the last 25 or 30 years. But thanks to digital technology, the latest generation of fountains has hundreds of choices instead of only four or five. That sounds like a good idea, until you actually try to use one.

The thing is, the machines have only one nozzle. Where two or three people would have been able to walk up to an old style machine and stick in their cup to fill up, Digital Soda fountains are only one cup at a time. They’re also expensive, so the restaurants that have them almost never have more than one.

Worse, having so many choices means you need an incredibly complicated, touch screen interface in order to operate it. Even the most technologically savvy person is often left befuddled and confused. Forget about getting through that line fast if it’s your grandma, walking up trying to figure out how to get the thing to dispense a simple cup of water.

So while the choices are great, the machines are incredibly slow at actually serving people drinks. There’s always a ridiculously long line for a fill, and frankly, I suspect that’s what they had planned all along. If the lines are long no one will get refills and that’s potential savings for any particularly penny-pinching Firehouse Subs franchise owner. Give me back the old fashioned soda fountain. It may have only five choices, but a Diet Coke in ten-seconds is better than waiting fifteen minutes for a small Sprite Zero with a cherry syrup drop.

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