Microsoft’s Celebrating The Heroic Women Of 2013 Bing Ad
It’s odd that while Apple tends to be accused of creative thievery, when Microsoft tries to be a little more creative than the typical utilitarian ad, they’re panned even more. I myself have been an Apple user for around 5 or more years, and can find no real reason to fault the latest Bing ad. The latest offering from Microsoft, featuring Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave,” shows a mishmash of women and their accomplishments in 2013.

The ad is a bit pandering, but it celebrates women. I’m not totally certain if I’d put Malala Yousafzai and Margaret Thatcher in the same category, unless that category were “People Who Have Lady Parts.” And since airing a lot of online journalists have ripped the ad apart, many claiming they have an issue because it's irrelevant to the product. Yeah, because that perfume/cologne Jean Paul Gaultier ad with the model sailor in an old timey uniform that inexplicably sails up to an emaciated looking woman’s window makes any kind of sense at all. It’s artsy for pretentiousness’ sake, and the Bing ad is pandering inspiration. Why? Because ads are, by their nature, pandering.



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