3 Types Of Facebook Statuses I Don't Know Whether Or Not To Like

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Someoneís Family Member Just Died
Oh no! Heatherís Uncle Steve died. Bobís dog Winston had to be put down. How sad. I want both Heather and Bob to know I empathize with the difficult situation theyíre going through. I too have had family members, human and animal, pass away. My heart goes out to them. But can I really, in good conscience, like this status? I donít want to root on death. What kind of message am I sending here by liking it?

All of us have been faced with this Facebook-related problem at one point or another, and it really is confounding. If youíre super close to someone and a relative dies, you can reach out via text message (or call if youíre that close, a phone call), but for the rest of us, thatís not an option. Instead, itís find a tiny way to say you care on Facebook or do nothing at all. The like lets the grieving party know youíre aware, but it also may or may not let everyone else know you have poor social skills and donít know what the like button really means.

Final Verdict: Unless I hang out with the person on a regular basis, I usually donít like. If I have hung out with the person in the past few months, Iíll usually wait and see what other people do. If a ton like, Iíll like. If lots of people leave ďIím sorryĒ comments, Iíll do that.
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