Tragedy struck the Indiana State Fairgrounds earlier this evening, leaving at least four dead and scores more injured. Thousands were packed in close for a performance by Sugarland when winds reaching seventy miles an hour suddenly started swaying the stage back and forth. Within seconds, the supports gave way and the stage collapsed, propelling the structure forward and crushing many in the first few rows. Masses of people frantically ran in all directions and cries for medical professionals coaxed many good Samaritans out of the audience.

Several fans were filming the stage when the weather suddenly turned ugly and the horror ensued. Here’s a look at one of the clips. It’s not terribly graphic, but it is still very disturbing so watch with caution…

I live in Indiana about an hour south of where the incident took place. I was unaware of what happened until giant hail started banging against the windows. Trees were shaking violently, and I went on the computer to look for weather information. That’s when I read about the regrettable scene in Indianapolis. Within twenty minutes or so, the storm was gone, but thankfully, it seems to have left the rest of the Hoosier state largely unharmed.

According to CNN, two area hospitals are reporting at least forty-three have sought medical treatment thus far, but as the chaos is just hours old, that figure will likely increase throughout the night. Early reports are indicating countless numbers of people stuck around to help the injured. We might not be world famous for a lot here in Indiana, but we are known for our friendliness. I’m glad to see many lived up to that reputation amidst awful circumstances today.

Pop Blend sends out its thoughts to all those affected by this tragedy.



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