Cleveland, Ohio’s eighth annual Unity In The Park concert ended in tragedy yesterday after a scuffle quickly spiraled out of control. Four people were shot including a sixteen year old boy who later died from his wound to the head. The outdoor event held in Luther East Park was headlined by George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic and was proceeding without issue until the melee broke out at a nearby intersection, leaving scared fans running in all directions to avoid the gunfire.

According to NY Daily News, police are still baffled as to what could have caused the fight and why it escalated so quickly. Regardless of how it started, an unidentified thug brandished a weapon and began shooting indiscriminately. Three men and one woman were hit including that poor boy who later lost his life. Authorities are encouraging anyone with any information on the assailant to call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463.

Once upon a time, fights ended with bloody noses and bruised egos. Men argued, they hit each other a few times and went their separate ways. Now it seems two people can’t have a disagreement without at least one escalating the bickering into dangerous and often deadly levels. An overwhelming majority of the thousands of people who attended Unity In The Park never asked for this. In fact, I’m sure at least a few of the victims weren’t even involved in the argument, but because of the ignorance of others, their lives are now permanently affected.

Pop Blend would like to send out its thoughts to all those harmed by this tragedy. IF you were there and saw something, please call the aforementioned number. Silence only tacitly condones this brutish and scary behavior.



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