3. The Negative Nancy:
The Negative Nancy is one of the most egregious Facebook offenders. Give that slippery rascal an inch and he or she will take a mile, throwing offensive posts in all directions, and starting pointless arguments at every turn. The Negative Nancy is the type of person who will get bumped to first class in a flight, only to complain about the person sitting next to them. Even sneakier, sometimes the negativity will creep into mopey or depressed statements meant to gain sympathy from friends. Sometimes things suck, and sometimes it’s extremely difficult to think positively, but if Facebook is there for a reason, that reason is not to bring down every other human being that has a vague connection to you. Unless your Facebook friends are all your archenemies. In which case, that’s a sick mindfuck, and I condone it wholeheartedly.

Subcategory: The Doomsday Prophet, The Hater, The Girl Who’s Unlucky In Love, The Jaded Jerk



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