4. The Blowhard
It may be fun to say inflammatory things on occasion, but if that’s the only way you can express yourself, you fall into The Blowhard category. Sometimes, when you feel fervently, it’s difficult to sit back and look at all the possible information before you toss your opinion out into the Universe, or, in this case, a social networking site. In those moments, we’d really hate for you to explode, but what about all of the other times you throw out a boastful and assertive comment simply to toot your own horn? If you find yourself responding with smug belligerence the majority of the time, you are The Blowhard, and people hate you. Although, that’s probably what you wanted, anyway.

Subcategory: The Critic, The Undereducated Opiner, The “I’m an Asshole” Guy



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