An Exercise For Your Calves
Oh those poor calves, all they do when you're sitting down all day is just idly stand there, like tall mounds of firm jello waiting for a bit of attention. The good part is that unlike jello, giving attention to your calves doesn't require them being eaten (unless you really think they taste that good, but yuck). It's pretty simple...

From the sitting position, place both feet in front of you; make sure your body is squared (or aligned in a straight direction). From here – one leg at a time – use the muscles in your calf to lift off from your heel, while keeping the ball of your foot firmly planted to the floor.

You'll want to lift to the full extent of your ball arch. Of course, don't lock your joints and ensure you do it slowly so that you feel the muscles in your calf tighten as you extend up and down. A few slow reps per leg (or until you feel comfortable to stop) is a good way to keep your legs from feeling completely like gelatinous tree limbs towering idly in a forgotten forest. Of course, you might want to stretch afterward or during a break so the muscles don't tighten.



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