Increasing Posture With Shoulder-Rolls And Neck Stretches
This is perfect for increasing the quality of your posture. It's perfect for those long days where sports fill the TV screen all afternoon or office work keeps you busy all day long. Now when you stand up, walk around and go to places, people will think you're a professional equestrian rider. It's a simple exercise that involves nothing more than rolling your shoulders and tilting your head. But it requires a bit more precision in the execution of your motion than just rolling shoulders and tilting heads.

First, you need to square your body. Make sure that your shoulders are perfectly aligned. Sit up completely straight, make sure that that you aren't sticking out your chest, but make sure that you aren't hunching over either.

After getting your upper body in order, begin to slowly roll both shoulders backward so that your chest and shoulders are as aligned as possible. At the same time, simultaneously tilt your head up to look at the ceiling. Hold the position for five seconds.

Try it a few times if you begin to feel yourself hunching over.



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