Can't Buy A Thrill
Steely Dan- Can't Buy A Thrill
What are some of your favorite bands from the 70’s? I’m asking the 20 something’s in the audience. Most likely you’re going to say Pink Floyd, Boston, Journey, The Who, or that little known supergroup Led Zeppelin. While those “classic rock” bands are among the finest of their generation, there’s one that gets repeatedly left in the dust and forgotten by so many. That group is called Steely Dan; named after a strap-on dildo first mentioned in a William Burroughs book. Steely who? Ask your parents who they are, and they’ll most likely know the band’s strong hit single Reelin’ In The Years from back in the day. They’ll also say the band was too “arty” for their tastes, and your parents weren’t wrong, but as In The Aeroplane Over The Sea should suggest “arty” is not necessarily a bad thing.

Coupled with their eccentric, often sarcastic lyrical themes, pop sensibilities, and the complexities of jazz, Steely Dan’s founding members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen created their own unique sound that hasn’t been duplicated. Crafting pop tunes that both fans of jazz and generic pop can salivate over, Steely Dan’s seminal album Can’t Buy A Thrill showcases everything this band was, and what they were capable of doing next. If you’re in the mood for some melancholic lyrics about heroin addiction, fame, fortune, and loss of youth, all wrapped up in beautifully complex and melodic pop songs, then Steely Dan are totally for you.

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