50 Cent Supports Frank Ocean Regardless Of Who He Loves

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Not all hip-hop artists have spoken out publically in favor of Frank Ocean, who recently admitted to falling in love with a man, but those who have talked on record have almost exclusively had positive things to say about the musician. Now 50 Cent has joined them.

Citing President Obamaís support for same-sex marriage as well as Oceanís immense talent, the rapper told MTV UK he cares far more about what the singer producers than what he does in his bedroom. In fact, he doesnít understand why anyone would feel differently.
ĒAnyone that has an issue with Frank Ocean is an idiot.Ē

Itís hard not to be proud of the hip-hop community over the past week. Oceanís coming out was widely seen as a huge moment for the genre and its artists, and the bigger names have really stepped up and delivered. Tolerance, acceptance and love are far more powerful than bigotry, hatred and exclusion. Itís awesome to see so many realize that. Hopefully, this will wind up being a catalyst for young people to find a greater appreciation of themselves, regardless of their sexual preferences.

Even with Target refusing to stock his album as payback for releasing it early on iTunes, Oceanís newest Channel Orange is widely expected to move a lot of units this week. Some will argue the figures are directly relatable to the musicianís announcement, but I choose to think itís performances like this that have people so on board.
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