Never Underestimate Lebron James
Humiliating. Absolutely humiliating. Everything you need to see happens in the first few seconds of the video above. We get it. But before talking about the victory shenanigans, let's sit on a skateboard and paddle backward to setup exactly what happened: The Heat are just one down against the Warriors and Lebron James gets a handle on the ball, with so very little time on the clock that there is no shot clock. Serious business, folks. For some reason, the Warriors decide to only guard Lebron with one dude, as if this guy was an odd man out, or the unlucky chap who showed up to school without pants on. The only difference is that he would have suffered a lesser humiliation arriving at school with no pants. Lebron shoots on him, leaving the Warriors with only a tenth of a second on the clock. Worse yet, the Warriors tip the ball in and it gets blocked instantly. Fail.



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