Actor Tyrese Gibson Battles Twitter Stalker

By Celeb Stink 7 years ago
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Actor Tyrese Gibson is taking legal action against a woman who is harassing him on social networking website

The woman, known only as Patricia, pounced on Gibson when she read about his ongoing divorce proceedings with estranged wife Norma.

He claims she has been bombarding him with messages, including the threat: "Now that your wife is finally out of the picture Daddy, it's my turn" - prompting him to take legal action.

Gibson tells, "Honestly, when you make yourself available and people really feel like they're getting to know you, people just kind of catch feelings and things happen. I think she's really Looney Tune. I've tried everything I can to get her up off me. And now things have gotten legal so I'm just going to let my people do their part. She's every bit of crazy and Looney Tunes." (IG/WNWCZM/JMA)

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