Alex Rodriguez In Hot Water Again, Now For Illegal High-Stakes Poker

By Jacob Sundstrom 2011-08-04 16:57:22
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It may be inaccurate to say that Alex Rodriguez is a polarizing figure if for no other reason than he is hated by most, and loved by few. Whether this is fair, justified, or well-thought-out is up for debate, but it is fact that A-Rod is in hot water again following allegations that he participated in illegal poker games. Major League Baseball is none too pleased; the same Major League Baseball, I might add, that did not suspend Derek Lowe for nabbing a DUI earlier this year. Nice work, MLB.

ESPN has a whole slew of articles on the latest issue, but Buster Olney’s is by the far the best. While pretty much nothing has come out of A-Rod’s camp, it looks like a suspension is unlikely for the Yankees slugger -- unless of course he was using cocaine, which was allegedly present at a few of these games. Basically, as long as he didn’t bet on baseball, he’ll be just fine; but this just adds another stain on a resume that’s already been marred by admitted steroid use.

For now, MLB will sit down with A-Rod and his lawyers to try and figure out what exactly happened and then they’ll determine whether any corrective action needs to be taken. Here’s how this is going to go down: They’ll sit down with A-Rod, beg and plead for him to ‘clean up his act’, or at the very least be sneakier about the whole damn thing. It’s in MLB’s best interest to let A-Rod go about his business, quietly. Baseball doesn’t need any villains. Not now when its’ major competitors are on thin ice with their fan-bases.
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