Amanda Bynes Could Go To Jail For Hit-And-Runs

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Amanda Bynesí abhorrent driving record may soon catch up with her in a big way. The Los Angeles City Attorney has officially charged the actress with two separate counts of vehicular hit-and-run, and if convicted of both, she could wind up spending real time in jail.

The first incident occurred all the way back in April. Bynes was allegedly driving a rental car, clipped some random guy and took off. He wrote down the license plate, and detective work led back to Bynes. Had this been her last dust-up behind the wheel, prosecutors would have likely let the situation go, but in the months since, the former All That star has been accused of driving under the influence, chased by a police helicopter and involved in other accidents. At some point, the government had to put its foot down and say enough is enough.

According to TMZ, if Bynes is convicted, she could spend up to a year in jail. Her next court appearance isnít scheduled until September 27th; so, itís entirely possible a plea arrangement could be struck before then. Most defendants would likely go that route, but since the Hairspray star has long maintained her innocence, she may well choose to fight.

Weíll keep you updated as the case winds its way through the court system. Until then, if youíre driving in the LA area and see Bynes in the car next to you, consider moving over and letting her pass. Youíll probably be fine either way, but sometimes itís better to take the safe route.
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