In case you haven’t made the connection between Kindle and Fire, Amazon brings the two words together with a Voltaire quote in this TV advertisement for their new tablet, which was announced today and is available for purchase later this fall.

Giving the iPad a run for its money in price, if not entirely in features, Amazon announced the Kindle Fire today, along with a couple of upgraded versions of their high-selling e-reader. You can read the details and feast your eyes on all of the shiny-tech goodness here. And here’s the ad for the Fire.

Amazon’s keeping it simple with their first ad for the device, offering a Voltaire quote, featuring a fitting simile about books and fire, which also manages to fit in the word "kindle." The ad also gives us a glimpse of the tablet’s uses, followed by the best part: the price. $199 is less than half of what an iPad costs (and I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper than my first iPod), which is kind of amazing given how many functions the device has.



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