Living in California means I’m exposed to a lot of celebrities doing a lot of things that they really have no business doing. Like running our state, for instance. So when “news broke” yesterday that Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, and Rosario Dawson had all taken a field trip to the White House to talk our president’s ear off about immigration reform, I knew exactly how to groan.

They were there to talk to President Obama about the DREAM Act, which effectively would legalize illegal immigrants living in America and give them money to pursue an education. Longoria said that Obama supports the bill (which anyone who has followed politics, I dunno, for the past three years, knows), saying, "Obviously we were all disappointed that it didn't pass. They're wonderful students. It's really undebatable that they should be here and continue their education. We need an educated workforce and these kids would be that."

So in one fell swoop Longoria not only says we have an uneducated workforce, which is completely laughable; and that her position is "undebatable", which is also laughable. That’s okay, though. She doesn’t have to convince people to believe what she believes, her goal as a celebrity spokesperson is to raise awareness, not change minds. It could be worse - we could be hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s theft problems again.



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