Despite her father's theory that seizures killed Amy Winehouse at age 27 in July, the coroner has determined that she died from the substance she abused much of her life: alcohol. According to The AP coroner Suzanne Greenaway gave the slightly fanciful verdict of "death by misadventure," and that the singer's bloodstream contained more than five times the amount of alcohol that's the limit for drunk driving.

That conflicts significantly with the August toxicology report that found traces of alcohol in Winehouse's system, and not enough to clearly determine that her death was caused by it. An official inquest was scheduled for October, and now we have the results that add one more grim chapter in the sad story of a young woman felled by addiction even earlier than anyone would have imagined. It does vindicate Winehouse's father's assertion, though, that she had kicked her drug habit-- despite struggles with heroin and other drugs in the past, neither seem to have played a role in Winehouse's death.

It still stings a little to even look at pictures of Winehouse, whose immense talent shone through even when she was hitting rock bottom earlier this year. Does this final verdict on her death mean that she'll be able to stay out of the tabloids and rest in peace at last? At the very least, I hope it means we can start focusing on the things she contributed to the world in her life, not the sad circumstances in which she left it.



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