Most men go through a stage in which they’re wildly reckless on the road. I know because I was an absolute idiot in high school, and I watched my friends be absolute idiots in high school. For whatever reason, a good proportion of dudes feel the need to push the limits when they first get their licenses, but an overwhelming majority eventually get out of that phase and grow up. Apparently, Andrew Bynum is still working through his speed urges.

According to TMZ, the Lakers center was pulled over first for illegally passing a car on the wrong side of the road. A few days later, he was cited for driving around without a license plate and with tinted tail lights, and finally, he got pulled over again, this time for speeding. I have no idea how many license points that equates to, but if I were him, I’d cool it. When I was a teenager, I had to take a test over some arduous two hour video, and I still remember the misery of that afternoon. No one wants to be forced to spend their time that way.

In better news, Bynum has finished serving his four game suspension. Hopefully for Lakers fans, his reinsertion in the line-up will provide a spark for his team that currently sits at two and two. I’m no enthusiast of the purple and gold, but it still feels wrong when the team isn’t crushing the weaker sisters of the NBA.



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