Andy Dick Pleads Not Guilty To Groping Two Men

By Jacob Sundstrom 5 years ago
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The list of unfortunately named celebrities with sexual incriminations just grew one longer, so to speak. Andy Dick has now pleaded not guilty to charges that he sexually abused two men in a West Virginian bar by getting handsy with their packages. Why someone with the last name Dick would allow themselves to do something like this is beyond me, but whatís really weird about this story is that it took place in West Virginia - a dry state (meaning that, as best I understand it, the government operates the liquor stores). Living in California I obviously wouldnít know a damned thing about that, but itís slightly humorous that laws meant to keep ďdrinkersĒ contained ended up getting these two guys - probably both Nascar fans and church attendees violated by some creepy comic (allegedly, of course).

This isnít Dickís first brush with the law - he was accused of pulling the top of a 17 year old girl down in 2008, resulting in his pleading guilty to battery, according to Reuters. He also plead guilty to marijuana possession, but this happened in Southern California, so itís safe to say he didnít do any jail time for that. His current predicament could land him five years in jail, but it would surprise me if he serves any time at all - and thatís predicated on him being convicted, which is not a sure thing.

The incident took place in January of 2010, and in all this time very little information has surfaced. Be on the look out for some more details on this case to come forth in the coming days as the trial commences. Weíll see soon enough if Dick will join Weiner in epic disgrace.
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