Aniston Dumps John Mayer

By Mack Rawden 8 years ago
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The back-and-forth who dumped whom between Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer is continuing unabated thanks to some new inner-circle quotes. The anonymous source, simply credited as a close friend of Anistonís, cites Mayer violating a three strikes on cheating policy, which the former Friends star invoked after catching wind of two affairs John reportedly had with a cocktail waitress and a promoterís assistant.

According to the same source, speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times, the hammer finally dropped after Mayer bedded a nameless groupie. Is it me or does it seem like Jennifer Aniston always gets the short end of the stick? Iím no fan of John Mayerís music, but the singer has always seemed like a very affable and funny guy. Add that to Brad Pittís superhuman persona, and itís been a pretty down decade for Miss Jennifer AnistonĎs romantic exploits. Still, I canít advise a girl to just sit around and let a man habitually cheat on her.

Also not helping Mayerís case is the new issue of US Weekly, which features photos of the singer living it up in a hot tub in Cabo. Juicy.
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