If you watched the BET Awards earlier tonight, you were likely dumbfounded and confused during the presentation of the Coca Cola Viewers Choice Award. Some lucky fan won the privilege to announce the winner, but when her big moment came, she stared blank-faced for a second before announcing Chris Brown. A couple seconds later, she backtracked and said Drake and Rihanna were the winners. The situation was so strange and unnerving the former Degrassi star actually commented on the awkwardness during his acceptance speech. Well, it turns out that acceptance speech never should have happened.

BET later tweeted a congratulations to Chris Brown for winning the Coca Cola Viewers Choice Award. Apparently, the fan was right the first time, though whose error it was is still a matter of debate. My own hunch is that the tablet said Chris Brown but the prompter said something about Drake and Rihanna. Unsure of what to do, she went back and forth before eventually settling on the wrong answer.

I wish I could embed a video of this for those of you who didn’t see, but the footage has been getting repeatedly yanked from YouTube. My guess is the producers behind the BET Awards want this clip to go away as quickly as possible. I don’t blame them. I’m all for occasionally having a laugh at other people’s expenses, but if this really was their error, you have to feel bad for that poor girl who thought she was going to have the moment of her life.



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