Parents have a lot of power. That’s a known fact. The amount of attention they give their children can impact the way they turn out. The things they do in front of their kids may appear as an example to be followed. But parents wield a lot of power even before that, way back in the delivery room. When they anoint their son or daughter with their name, it could be rather unremarkable, but it could also shape the way a lot of their life unfolds.

That’s why the story of Heath and Deborah Campbell is so frustrating. The Campbells, from Philipsburg, New Jersey, have three children. And all of them have names inspired by Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell were all put into foster care after little Adolf’s parents wanted to get him a swastika birthday cake at ShopRite and the store refused.

As Fox News reports, the Campbells are still trying to get back custody of their kids, and this week have stated that both the judge and child services said there was “no evidence of abuse” against the children, and they were taken away strictly because of their names. This, of course, coming after the court ruled last year that there was enough evidence of domestic violence in the home to remove the kids.

Of course, the Campbells have downplayed the choice of their kids’ names, saying that its not as if the kids are growing up to be killers, and have also cited general American freedom, which I guess covers naming your kids crazy things. They have also been quoted as being “Nazi fans” and Holocaust deniers, evidenced by the swastikas that decorate the family's home. They certainly haven’t helped the sympathy vote for their case.

If the Campbell kids were taken away wrongly, that’s one thing. But don’t hide behind baseless arguments to defend your attempted brainwashing of your kids to believe things that a lot of society just happens to find disgusting (and completely wrong). There is a lot of freedom in the United States, but I don’t know if naming your kids whatever you want is covered. That’s because your supposed “exercise” of your freedom could actually come at the cost of your child’s same freedom. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t at least raise an eyebrow when they learn Adolf Campbell’s middle name. And it seems like the court here has done the same thing – whether they were justified with the steps taken afterward, will apparently be settled in December.



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