Ben Affleck Gets Rid Of Beard At Restaurant Following Oscar Victory

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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There are some guys who genuinely love rocking the beard, and there are others who do it now and again as a change of pace but arenít overly comfortable with the scruff. Count Ben Affleck among the latter group. He and his fellow Argo producers Grant Heslov and George Clooney decided to sport facial hair for good luck during the awards season, but by the time the long trudge to the finish line was over, he was really sick of the itchiness. In fact, he chopped the damn thing off at a restaurant following Argoís Best Picture win at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

According to Us Magazine, the de-scruffing incident in question went down at Craigís in West Hollywood. Affleck and many of the other people who worked on Argo were there celebrating when the star/ director/ producerís wife took out some clippers and handed them to her husband. Already annoyed at the beard, he seized the moment and expelled the hair from his face, much to the delight of all his tipsy co-workers who were amused by the strange moment.

Shaving a beard would definitely get most men kicked out of their local Applebees or Fridays, but given how much money Affleck and company likely spent and what a good story the incident made, I highly doubt any employees said a word to the suddenly clean-shaven Hollywood star.

Hereís to hoping everyone involved soaked up the victory. They deserved it for truly making a wonderful movie.
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