Best Of The Week's Late Night Music: Coldplay Performs Charlie Brown

By Joseph Giannone 2011-08-05 16:13:45
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Editors Note: It's a bit strange to think about, but with MTV's dissent into reality programming, late night talk shows may well be the best medium to see new televised music. Each week, dozens of bands perform on a wide variety of evening unscripteds from Letterman to Fallon to Saturday Night Live. It's impossible to watch them all live, but through a new Friday night column, the Pop Blend staff will embed a clip of our favorite performance.

Coldplay is one of those groups who can be loved by anybody because it’s really hard to dislike them. You might not listen to them, but I don't know anyone who really has a dislike for the group. Those that listen to the "Clocks" hit-makers are definitely familiar with their newest track "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" that was released earlier this summer. For the last few months, Coldplay has been keeping themselves busy with numerous performances and promotion for their latest EP Every Tear Drop that featured the aforementioned song.

Coldplay's latest appearance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past Wednesday night. During the performance the mellow British rock outfit premiered their latest song “Charlie Brown” that will be featured on the band’s forthcoming album, which is still untitled. Check out the performance below:

It might be just me, but does this performance of "Charlie Brown" remind you of a Bruce Springsteen tune? The song is like an arena rock anthem complimented with the atmospherics created by Coldplay. It has loud drums, catchy guitar riffs and a larger than life chorus lead by Chris Martin’s relaxing vocals. This performance further reminds me of the best Springsteen tunes and subsequently why I choose them over Explosions in the Sky on Letterman.

Stay tuned, more to come next week!
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