Beyonce, Smashing Pumpkins Postpone Concerts Due To Hurricane Sandy

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago
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You would think that rock and roll could withstand any hurricane, but thatís not turning out to be true for Hurricane Sandy, which has caused substantial damage to parts of the eastern seaboard and has left plenty of people without power. It also means a few big names have had to reschedule important upcoming gigs. In New York alone, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Alabama Shakes, and Beyonce have all had to postpone some big touring dates.

The bands are not alone. Recently, Ratking, Cat Power, Bruce Springsteen, The xx, and Deftones have all had to set back dates to destruction of property and lack of resources across the East Coast. Beyonce and The Alabama Shakes were actually set to perform together on Thursday for a charity event run by Alicia Keys, which would have raised money for the organization Keep A Child Alive. NME is reporting the gig has been cancelled for now due to New York Cityís problems post- hurricane. A new date will be ascertained, soon.

Some musical venues themselves are simply out of power, as has been suggested about New York Cityís Bowery Ballroom. Elsewhere, venues have suffered structural damage, including Clevelandís Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Building, as Ohio desperately continues to try to be part of the East Coast, even when a storm is coming through.

Although it wonít be the end of the world for concerts to be postponed, itís still a headache, and Iím sure a little music would do a lot to cheer people up in this time of need. Hereís to hoping the power comes on soon, and events can officially be rescheduled.
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