Short and swept is in, people. A few lowlights never hurt anyone, either. If the look didn’t hit home clearly before, pop star Justin Bieber’s windswept spikes and actress Emma Watson’s more-adorable-now-that-it’s-grown-out-a-bit pixie cut are all the rage at hair salons.

Both looks are recent for the young celebrities, who seem to be shedding away hair to enter a more mature phase in life. Indeed, Watson’s cut went down quite quickly after she finished filming the final installment in the Harry Potter franchise. Justin Bieber’s busy tactfully denying potential baby mamas and giving cars to buddies – he can’t be going around with an abashing little bowl cut. Apparently, the new looks are really working for the young celebrities. Just like “The Rachel” back in the day, the two cuts are often asked for by young boys and girls of many ages who are hoping to attain a copycat hairdo.

It’s not only in salons the stylish looks seem to be catching. According to The Washington Post, Bieber and Watson’s respective haircuts have also topped lists of celebrity haircut searches on Google in 2011. Which isn’t quite as impressive as if the search term “Bieber cuts” was topping a list of all searches, but you take what you can get.

If I had to guess, Bieber and Watson may have the most popular cuts, but I’d say the most popular celebrity hair color searches are probably going to the daring Katy Perry. In other news, I’m sure people loving his cut helped Bieber to hit #1 on Bing’s top searched celebrities of 2011 list.



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