While nothing approaching the awfulness happening at Penn State or even the fallout from Kim Kardashian’s disastrous personal choices, the controversy surrounding who would host the Oscars has been a bit of a black eye for the award ceremony. The Academy likes to think of its night as a formal and elegant gala celebrating the power of artistic freedom, but Brett Ratner’s foolish joke and Eddie Murphy’s subsequent exodus turned the whole thing into a bit of a sideshow. In response, the powers that be have chosen to turn to someone they know works, and few Oscar hosts have ever worked better than Billy Crystal.

The news broke earlier today that the Princess Bride star would be back for round nine, and the general response has ranged from optimism to bewilderment at the Muppets being passed over. Michael O’Donoghue once famously said he wouldn’t write for felt, and it seems the scribes must have agreed with him. The Muppets, like Eddie Murphy, would have represented a bold and unique choice, but ultimately, the possibility of awkward failure was enough to go the safe route.

The Academy Awards is one of the most thankless gigs in all of showbusiness. Apart from Bob Hope, to a lesser extent Billy Crystal and a few others, the Oscar hosts people tend to remember are the disasters. James Franco received a beating after his effort. God only knows how someone new may have fared this time around trying their best underneath a how-great-would-eddie-murphy-have-been cloud.

I’m on board with Billy Crystal. He’s a bit safe, but sometimes that’s okay. What do you think? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Are You Happy With Billy Hosting A 9th Time?

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