With a festival packed with Jam Bands and reggae groups, there was no other show from the weekend that impressed me more than Zoogma. I was completely unprepared for their set, which was a mix of Jam band style freeness, electronic and metal intenseness, plus the added couple of some other genres that peaked their way into the set. Overall the show was spectacular.

Completely immersing their audience into their special brand of jam band music, Zoogma took no time to banter with the crowd. They simply let their music speak for itself. Most bands tend to repeatedly talk to their crowd, but that can be quite annoying. Instead, the group took no breaks and crossed their group of onlookers into a threshold of trance and drowned out music which supplied the hazy group watching their show a catalyst to start the night off with a bang.

Way before inferior acts like Easy Star Allstars and Girl Talk took the stage later in the night; this band took it upon themselves to create a truly memorable concert. The music was non-stop for an hour, with guitar solos shredded through blazing synthesizers, plus a few random, yet perfectly controlled sound effects among the cacophony of layered and textured notes. The epic summation of their music was complemented with a slew of beautiful lights and an even cooler crowd who was ready and willing to let this band take them on a trip.

The best way to describe this show is to say that the group never took no for an answer. They relentlessly played straight through their hour long set, showing off their unbridled skill for bombastic, insane electronic jams. Sure, there were a plethora of bigger bands that played that weekend, but Zoogma was hands down the most surprising of the weekend. Instead of simply playing their music, the band took the stage with a powerful force that pushed the audiences to their very auditory limits. It was epic.



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