When the remake of Footloose was first announced, the biggest question on the minds of many fans was how the new version would treat the music. Would they update the renditions, write different songs or stick with the classics? A great breakdown of the choices made can be found here, but suffice it to say, much of what director Craig Brewer altered really worked. I’d have a hard time saying Blake Shelton’s take on the Kenny Loggins title song eclipsed the original, but a strong case could be made that his “Footloose” is just about as good. I’m fine with that, and apparently, Kenny Loggins was too.

The singer recently announced he’d not only be attending next week’s Country Music Awards but would actual duet with Shelton on “Footloose”. Loggins stopped by Access Hollywood to explain the decision and offer some praise for how the final version turned out. Here’s an excerpt…
"They tried 10 different versions of the song and they kept re-cutting it because they wanted to capture that spirit of the original - and Blake came the closest."

The Country Music Awards will be broadcast on ABC on November 9th. Until then, here’s a look at both Shelton and Loggins’ versions…



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