A few hours after Buffalo Bill Stevie Johnson unleashed a touchdown dance mocking Plaxico Burress for accidentally shooting himself in the leg a few years ago, Bob Costas used his time on Sunday Night Football to trash not only the outlandish and offensive celebration but the very idea of choreographed endzone dances. Calling them reflections of a culture growing more stupid by the minute, the beloved broadcaster launched into a scathing attack that ultimately asked why coaches don’t punish players for celebrations that incur fifteen year unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

The video runs a little over two minutes. You can take a look at it below…

The above clip has inspired a wide range of reactions, but the majority have either strongly agreed with Bob Costas’ take or found the rant to be the ultimate symbol of a man from a different generation. Each viewpoint can be skillfully argued; so, let’s take a look at the evidence for both.

Perhaps the strongest point from Costas’ diatribe is the fifteen yard penalty. Regardless of what you think of touchdown dances, many occur at inopportune moments and ultimately cost the time valuable field position. Fifteen yards can be incredibly important. Even if the team fails to turn the shortened field into points, the difference between punting the ball at say their own thirty yard line and their own forty-five yard line is huge. Pinning a team in deep on a punt can force it into running down the middle in an attempt to gain breathing room or into a passing situation that could result in a safety.

Perhaps the strongest point arguing against Costas’ diatribe is his assertion that dances are a byproduct of a deteriorating culture. Every generation seems to say that about the one following it, and people growing brasher and more opinionated isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if you disagree about the choices of younger people, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It might just mean you think differently. Old people have criticized everything from rap music to civil rights. Sometimes they have a valid point, and sometimes they’re way off base.

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What Do You Think Of Touchdown Dances?

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