Bret Michaels Breaks Up, Re-signs With VH1

By Mack Rawden 8 years ago
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Money canít buy you love, but the prospect of making money can implode a good relationship. Poison lead singer Bret Michaels has broken it off with Rock Of Love II winner Ambre Lake in a timely fashion which can only be deemed highly coincidental. Why coincidental, you may ask. Because Bret signed on for a third Rock Of Love season today too. How convenient.

According to VH1, the couple remain close friends (Iím sure), but the whole romance angle just didnít quite fit into Bretís heartÖI mean career plansÖI mean heart. The next season of Rock Of Love will see the contestants board a tour bus and hopscotch around the country, participating in various feats with varying degrees of exploitation. Rock N Roll!
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