Josh Brolin purposely left Hollywood pals Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz stranded after they got lost the way to his Los Angeles home - because listening to the couple argue over directions was so hilarious.

Brolin and his actress wife Diane Lane invited the jet-lagged pair to their house for a relaxing afternoon after a long flight from Spain. But he let the tired couple struggle to find their way after he received a worried call from Cruz, because her banter with Bardem was so entertaining.

He explains, "They come here from Spain, they're jet-lagged also. Everybody gets stupid when they're jet lagged. They were on their way to my house. Diane and I had set up a nice thing for them. I guess they had GPS (Global Positioning System) or it broke along the way so finally I get a call from Penelope that says, 'Josh, I'm very sorry but I can't find your house.' And then I hear Javier in the background going, 'Where the hell is his house? We are like in the forest right now!' And I'm thinking - forest? Where could this be? There is no forest in L.A. So he was like, 'My friend, I'm sorry, you have to tell me where it is...' It was too interesting going back and forth. It's much more fun not picking them up."

And now Brolin is waiting for his No Country for Old Men co-star to get him back, after admitting the prank. He adds: "Now Javier is going to be so p**sed at me, but that's OK." (JMA/WNVLEN/LR)

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