When the news broke that Buffalo Springfield were getting back together, “For What It’s Worth” fans worldwide were ecstatic. The announcement, promising a full on 30 day fall tour with all the remaining band members, exhilarated fans, especially at the fact that Springfield had not played together since 1968. This was history in the making. Until the tour was abruptly canceled last week.

Richie Furay, one of the remaining band members, took to his Facebook page to explain without much detail their decision for canceling the tour: “For those of you getting excited about the Buffalo Springfield fall tour – word has just come to me that it has been moved to the first of next year. I'm not going to spend a lot time here with details as you speculate among yourselves – there's nothing to speculate about, the tour has simply been moved."

There could have be many reasons why this happened. Surely many Buffalo Springfield fans could care less about what answers are given; most of them just want their concert reunion. My assumption is that this cancelation goes a bit deeper, because fans of Neil Young know his tendency is to work on projects like a child with ADD.

Many would assume that Neil Young was the proprietor of this news, and his track record would prove this. Young was the creative force behind many of Springfields most popular songs, and it makes sense that he would move from project to project making as many appearances in different bands. The artist quit Buffalo Springfield twice, and the group existed for only two years. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young rose from the ashes when Neil Young and Crazy Horse disbanded, and subsequently had people questioning the “Old Man” hit-maker’s dependency. Young even quit CSN&Ya number of times.

So, it’s obvious that fan’s of his work would put the blame on Young, but Rolling Stone caught up with his band mate Richie Furay at Bonnaroo to talk about the 6 date tour they had. Which brought some closure to this whole debacle. After their show at the festival, RS talked to Furay backstage and gave explanation for the tour cancellation: “This time I can actually play the guitar. But not for long, according to certain physicians. (But)Thirty plus (dates)? Well, they better have a break. Cause if we have this much trouble with six, I can't imagine 30.”

That's about it: Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay who are the remaining members left, are getting old. Whoever blames Young for the cancellation of their fall tour is wrong. In all reality though the weathering folk artists still have it, after providing proof at their epic Bonnaroo show. For a person who loves 1960’s psychedelic pop, nothing beats Buffalo Springfield and their talent to entice audiences worldwide. That’s why I mean this, when I say: I’m OK with waiting till next year to see Buffalo Springfield (again). Just spend your time practicing and getting rest to put on one hell of a show!



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