Casey Anthony Doesn't Want To Return To Orlando For Probation

By Jacob Sundstrom 2011-08-03 12:40:15
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Casey Anthony, the woman that is at best a sleaze, and at worst a murderer, is trying to avoid probation in her hometown of Orlando, Florida; presumably because sheís tired of Walt Disney World and the traffic it brings. No? Hm, perhaps itís because sheís not convinced the Magic will hang on to Dwight Howard? No? Sheís really upset thereís not a Major League Baseball team in the vicinity? No? Well, if itís none of those, it must stem from crazy people trying to harass and maybe kill her.

Anthony has to serve probation because she stole a bunch of checks from a former friend in January of 2010. Seriously? Stealing checks from a friend? How much do you have to suck to pull something like that? And who still uses checks, more importantly? Regardless, Anthony is supposed to report for her probation tomorrow morning (Thursday).

But wait! The plot thickens as Anthonyís lawyer has put forward a motion to move the probation somewhere a little less, you know, dangerous. Hereís what he had to say according to People, "Right now we're filing one motion to vacate that stupid order," and he strongly indicated that Anthony would not be returning to Florida. I donít know how many strikes this woman is going to get before she finally has to serve some damn jail time, but she canít be far away with all of the legal entanglement knotting her life up.
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