Tuesday, popular television shrink Dr. Phil McGraw sat down with George and Cindy Anthony to discuss their daughter's recent acquittal for the murder of their granddaughter, and the events surrounding the explosive case.

Not one to beat around the bush, he asked right away whether they believed Casey was involved in little Caylee's death. While neither parent explicitly stated yes or no, George's answer was the most telling, that Casey was "responsible for Caylee" regardless of what actually happened. Cindy Anthony was less willing to implicate her daughter in wrongdoing, even after admitting that Casey had lied and stolen from them in the past. Instead, she ventured theories that Casey was suffering from a variety of mental illnesses, from a seizure disorder to post-partum schizophrenia. Dr. Phil was not quite as willing to buy those explanations, suggesting that Mrs. Anthony consider the possibility her daughter is an "unconscionable psychopath." However, it isn't clear whether Dr. Phil has more information than we have to make a concrete diagnosis one way or the other.

He also questioned the Anthonys regarding other strange areas of the case, such as Cindy's mysterious Myspace message, "My Caylee is missing," some twelve days before the child was reported missing. Cindy's response was more metaporical, claiming she felt "in her heart" that Casey was purposefully keeping Caylee away from them, but she had no inkling the child was gone. Phil also addressed Cindy's claim of a foul odor inside Casey's car. "Truthfully, to this day, I don't know, to be honest," she said.

Before the interview officially aired Tuesday morning, Dr. Phil appeared on The View and stated that Cindy Anthony is "very much in denial" and is full of excuses. Furthermore, he doesn't believe George Anthony molested Casey, which some have theorized might explain her behavior.

Whether you believe in the those theories or not, you can tune in and watch part two of the discussion on Wednesday. If you're wondering why Dr. Phil of all people got first dibs at this high-profile interview, it's because he made a donation to the non-profit Caylee's Fund, which among other things focuses on grandparents rights and help for missing or exploited children.



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