Let's face it. Celebrities are smarter than you are. They must be, right? Otherwise why on earth would they be bothering you with their personal preferences on who you should vote for in the next presidential election? Yesterday yet another celeb decided to bestow his infinite wisdom on the masses. You'd better pay attention... he has a famous TV show and you don't.

Chuck Norris is not only a master of the slow-motion roundhouse, he knows exactly who is the best man for the White House (of course I said "man"...did you think a guy who starred in a show titled "Walker Texas Ranger" would ever vote for a female candidate, much less a democrat?). In a statement posted on World Net Daily Norris gave his glowing endorsement to Mike Huckabee for President. All Chuck Norris fans can relax! Their choice at the polls next November is clear!

It's a very well written statement, one that very clearly outlines a man of utmost integrity who would no doubt do a fine job leading our nation. But that's not the point. What's important is the fact that Norris' beaming face tops off the article. Apparently his status as a martial-arts film star makes his opinion worth printing and adds the credibility that Huckabee needs for Walker Texas Ranger fans to take him seriously. I don't see Joe Smythe of Everett, Washington being offered the chance to make his opinion known. Carly Lewis of Juneau, Alaska isn't getting her thoughts plastered on the internet either. Why not? Well, let's be honest: they didn't star in Delta Force, did they?

Yup. Thank goodness for those celebrities generous enough to share their prized opinions. Without them we would be reduced to having to make decisions for ourselves. What on earth would we do them?



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