Celebrate Les Paul's Birthday By Playing The Google Doodle

5 years ago
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Today is Les Paulís birthday and it seems like a good time to remember the life of the musician and genius inventor. Paul was a pioneer in the development of the first solid-body guitar which made Rock ní Roll what it is today. He was born June 9, 1915 and died in August of 2009. To subtly celebrate his genius, Google has made itself playable.

Googleís infamous Google Doodle has changed into a playable guitar, and itís the sort of thing you donít want to miss. If you head over to Google.com right now youíll see this:

If you mouse over the strings, you can strum them and they make the appropriate sounds. Thereís even an option to record whatever you play, save it, and share it with your friends. Head over and check it out. Then post whatever you end up playing in the comments below. Share your musical Google doodle prowess, and make Les Paul proud!
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