A few days ago, I asked readers how long Jesse James and Kat Von D's backslide engagement would last. A preponderance of voters felt the reunion wouldn't last for more than a year. It's a rare day when I'm decidedly less cynical than the average person, but to me, a break-up over distance is a lot different than a break-up over allegations of drug use and assault arrests. Typically, a relationship can't rebound from serious allegations such as those, but don't tell that to Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller. They seem to be getting along great.

According to TMZ, the pair were spotted on vacation together in Mexico over the weekend. She's reportedly been doing very well during her recent attempt to get clean, and as a congratulations, Charlie decided to take her on a trip for her birthday. Yay-for-getting-off-drugs vacations may not be the best sign of stability and long-term health, but you have to treat every relationship differently. For Sheen and Mueller, that's absolutely a reason to celebrate, though it remains to be seen whether the voyage South of the border was a case of parents trying to ensure they'd get along moving forward or a possible rekindling of their marriage.

I actually like Charlie Sheen. He may have taken a beating in the press and been booted off his show, but he's an engaging actor with his own perspective. I truly hope his Anger Management reboot works out and that if there's a future with Mueller, both parties set aside the time and effort.

What do you think? Was this vacation a preamble to Sheen and Mueller giving it another go? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Will Sheen and Mueller Get Back Together?

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