Christian Dior Apologies For Sharon Stone

By Mack Rawden 8 years ago
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Reeling from the comments made by their spokeswoman/ model Sharon Stone, luxury goods emporium Christian Dior has issued a public statement apologizing for her acidic and belligerent tongue. While I applaud the fancy cosmetics company for taking a quick and pointed stance, itís very hard for me to forgive and forget when Miss Stone herself hasnít personally delivered an Iím sorry fruitcake to every single homeless Chinese resident. Alright, I guess that may be a little too much to ask for, but at least make your rounds on the talk show circuit for Godís sake. I guess her common sense isnít as quick to come out as other parts of her body.

According to Bloomberg Financial News, Christian Diorís statement asserted the company was ďdeeply sorryĒ for her words and assured everyone they ďabsolutely disagreedĒ with her remarks. Good. Itís nice to know Iím not the only one who found her repulsive words to be an abhorrent word vomit.

You will never meet a human being more fiercely behind the 1st Amendment than I am; so, Iíd like to make it clear I one hundred percent stand by Ms. Stoneís right to say whatever her little heart desires. In accordance with that constitutional freedom, one the Chinese government doesnít always afford its citizens, I will now use it to say I think Sharon Stone is a miserable cunt who couldnít act her way through a straight-to-dvd American Pie film.
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