The Christopher Federline/ Britney Spears Lawsuit Was Reportedly Filed By An Unrelated Felon

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Well, it seems the Kevin Federline/ Christopher Federline/ Britney Spears love triangle was too scandalous to be true or even actually alleged by K-Fedís brother. The lawsuit in question claiming Christopher fathered Britneyís oldest child was apparently filed by convicted felon/ serial litigator Jonathan Lee Riches.

Over the past few years, Riches has reportedly filed hundreds of frivolous lawsuits involving celebrities, politicians and other famous faces. According to The Smoking Gun, heís the man behind that recent Justin Bieber lawsuit about borrowed abortion money, and if the outletís story is to be believed, heís the one who put the ball into motion here, fooling dozens of outlets including this one.

A few weeks back, Riches also reportedly traveled to Connecticut and posed as the uncle of Sandy Hook Elementary shooter Adam Lanza. He told several outlets false information about medication the shooter was taking and even filmed himself traveling in the area. When his probation officer caught wind of what happened, he supposedly filed a probation violation, but at this time, itís unclear when Riches could potentially be re-incarcerated for what happened.

In the grand scheme of things, itís probably a good thing for Federline and Spears this lawsuit was a fake. Iím not sure anyone bought the story about Christopher impregnating Britney, but still, the matter could have caused serious drama between the parents for years to come.
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