Coheed And Cambria Bassist Mike Todd Charged With Robbing A Walgreens With A Bomb

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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There are a lot of things that can go wrong before a concert. From sickness to amp problems, most bands deal with a wide range of maladies on a daily basis, but something tells me bassist arrested for armed robbery is a new one for Coheed and Cambria. The remarkably average progressive rock quartet was at the Comcast Center in Anaheim preparing to open for the newly reformed Soundgarden when police busted into their dressing room. Thirty year old bassist Michael Todd reportedly went quietly and was later booked for his alleged thieving.

A few hours early, that same musician reportedly hailed a cab and asked the driver to go to a local Walgreens. He made his way inside, walked up to the pharmacy counter, showed the clerk a note written on his phone claiming he possessed a bomb and ran back out with six bottles of Oxycontin.

According to The Sun Chronicle, police tracked the getaway cab driver to the Comcast Center and confronted Todd. He soon admitted the fake bomb robbery and was arraigned this morning. A judge increased his bail to twenty-five thousand dollars, which prompted Coheed and Cambria to release a statement saying theyíd go on with the tour without Todd and deal with his crimes after they were finished.

How badly in the throws of addiction to someone need to be to rob a Walgreens? Iíve never been on tour before, but it seems reasonable to think some backstage roadie would know where to get a prescription drug like that. Maybe he just didnít want his bandmates to know how far heíd fallen.

Itís a pretty safe bet Michael Todd will end up in rehab following this disaster (probably after some jail time), but his future with the band is a big mystery. Helping someone through drug problems is one thing, but trusting them to play after committing an armed robbery on the same day as a gig is quite another.
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