Authorities once again descended on the house of former Real Housewives Of DC star Tareq Salahi earlier today, and once again, the whole thing proved to be an absurd and tragic misunderstanding. It seems we can’t go a day without a new and horrible wrinkle being added to the regrettable legacy of the Salahi’s failed union, but this one might actually be the most bizarre.

It started with the loss of a beloved dog. The Salahi’s pet Doberman has been a fixture throughout the couple’s troubled relationship. Over the past few weeks, its health has slowly deteriorated, but according to Tareq, Michaele’s absence lowered the poor guy’s spirits and pushed him closer to the edge. Earlier today, he lost his battle, and his owner set out digging a grave in the backyard. According to TMZ, the ceremony was full of tears, but apparently, neighbors didn’t see that part. They just saw Tareq digging a grave and franticly called authorities.

By the time they showed up, the impromptu service was over, and Tareq had to take them to the Doberman’s grave to prove he wasn’t actually in the midst of an odious scheme to get even with his philandering wife. When it rains, it pours. Losing a beloved animal is always a massive blow, but it’s particularly hard during a situation in which you might have leaned on the dog for comfort. More than anything else, pets provide stability, and in times of tumult, their presence really helps.

For Tareq Salahi’s mental health, I hope this is the last time I report on him for awhile, but if recent history is any indication, we might just be getting started with this long, strange journey.



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