Amy Winehouse’s family remains comfortable with the result of the official October 2011 inquest into the singer’s death, but now that the assistant deputy coroner who presided over the matter has resigned in scandal, it will still need to be held again. Late last year, Suzanne Greenaway who was appointed to her post by her husband was discovered to be ineligible for the position on account of her legal experience mostly coming in Australia. She quickly resigned, and consequently, new hearings have been scheduled for many of her cases.

According to The Associated Press, no one involved asked for the inquest to be looked into, and it would be a real surprise if the initial ruling was changed in anyway from accidental alcohol poisoning. Last time around, the pathologist, the singer’s doctor, a security guard and a detective all gave evidence, and as of press time, they’re all expected to return for the new hearing that has been set for January 8, 2012.

Given Greenaway’s experience practicing law in Australia, it seems very likely that she actually was competent to oversee this investigation. Unfortunately, it is a law that all assistant deputy coroners must have practiced in England for five consecutive years prior to their appointment, and while Winehouse’s cause of death might not be in question, it’s possible some of Greenaway’s other cases are, which could potentially cause havoc in the legal system if not recertified.

Here’s to hoping this whole process causes the Winehouse family as little pain as possible.



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