Crystal Harris To Auction Off Engagement Ring

By Jessica Grabert 5 years ago
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When Crystal Harris left Hugh Hefner at the alter, she tried to give her engagement ring back. Purportedly, Hefner dismissed her proposal, which will prove a boon to Harris, who now plans to sell her massive rock. By massive I mean 3.39 carat circular-cut diamond. Itís a real beauty.

Unfortunately, the ring is also cursed. If you didnít catch that first sentence, Harris left her man at the alter. Resell value on that thing is going to be more than fifty percent off. Probably more like 75%. According to Access Hollywood, the ring cost Hefner around $90,000. When it goes up for auction at Christieís in NYC next month, the ring is expected to bring in around $20,000-$30,000.

Although, I suppose thatís not bad for something that gained Harris more than it cost her. Iím talking about publicity. Still though, itís a huge diamond. Holly Golightly is probably off weeping somewhere over Harrisí loss. The girl canít really keep the ring, though. It would be in poor taste, unless she planned to melt that shit down and creatively turn it into something else. My vote? Pierced navel hardware.

In case you were wondering, a source close to Harris thinks she knows why the ring is going up for auction.
Ē[She] couldnít bear to look at the ring anymore because it brought back bad memories.Ē

Sure, unnamed source. Who says Runaway Bride syndrome doesnít pay off? 20K isnít too shabby. Thatís like 28 pairs of brand new Blahniks.
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